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HasEntityType::Recipe[edit source]

Page Properties
Recipe "Add diagrams hosted on Google Drive to a dataspects DSKMF Elastic index"

Recipe "Add/edit subject types"

Recipe "Aliasing"

Recipe "Create Kibana visualizations and dashboard"

Dashboard, Statistics, Analytics, Kibana, Visualization

Recipe "Customize a SMW-resource-born entity's sHasResourceURL for indexing"

Recipe "Extract/export/inject/import a set of pages from/into a SMW from/into a directory (git repository)"

Recipe "Indexing"

Recipe "Monitor relevance rankings in Kibana"

Kibana, Relevance, Ranking, Monitoring

Recipe "Restore a dataspectsSystem from a Duplicity backup set"

Recipe "Setup and configure the skin Tweeki"

Configuration, Skin, Tweeki

Recipe "Ways to make remote Duplicity backup sets available in a local directory"