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Has type is Page
Predicate class is Property

All facets for which this property "HasEntityType" plays a constitutional role[edit source]

Facet... constituted by... ...having values

All statements for this property "HasEntityType"[edit source]

Subject Predicate Object
Argument "Flexibility of structure" HasEntityType
Argument "No vendor lock-in" HasEntityType
Argument "Search result views have a unique reference URL" HasEntityType
Argument "Structured and unstructured content go hand in hand" HasEntityType
BusinessService "Run your organizational Find-And-Learn network!" HasEntityType
BusinessService "" HasEntityType
Concept "_analyze" HasEntityType
Concept "_source" HasEntityType
Concept "Asymmetric Anaylsis" HasEntityType
Concept "Capture meaning with synonyms" HasEntityType
Concept "Controlled, faceted, multilateral, asynchronous, bidirectional synchronisation of multiple SMWs (CFMABS)" HasEntityType
Concept "Document Text Analysis" HasEntityType
Concept "Every Page is Page One Topics" HasEntityType
Concept "Full text queries > match_phrase (aka proximity)" HasEntityType
Concept "Inheriting annotations if not customized by Indexer" HasEntityType
Concept "Join: has_child and has_parent queries" HasEntityType
Concept "Keyword datatype" HasEntityType
Concept "Knowledge Topics/Subjects/Bites" HasEntityType
Concept "Manage Domain Terms" HasEntityType
Concept "Modeling specificity" HasEntityType
Concept "Parent-Child Relationship" HasEntityType
Concept "Reification" HasEntityType
Concept "Simple Analyzer" HasEntityType
Concept "Standard Analyzer" HasEntityType
Concept "Text datatype" HasEntityType
Concept "full_text/match_phrase_prefix" HasEntityType
Concept "full_text/query_string" HasEntityType
Concern "Organize a knowledge management conference" HasEntityType
Configuration "Wikitext Search" HasEntityType
Dashboard "Enterprise Knowledge Management Aspects (Concerns, Responsibilities, Roles, Use Cases and Tools/Methodologies)" HasEntityType
DataspectsSystemModule "Support" HasEntityType
Diagram "dataspectsSearch system backup with duplicity" HasEntityType
Diagram "dataspectsSearch system module layers diagram" HasEntityType
Diagram "dataspectsSystem Dockerized Setup" HasEntityType
Feature "Autocomplete did-you-mean completion suggesters" HasEntityType
Feature "Automatic ontology dashboard exposure" HasEntityType
Feature "Case-insensitive concept disambiguation" HasEntityType
Feature "Context-specific search results design, behavior and interaction" HasEntityType
Feature "Explain a domain ontology (facet) by aggregating asserted annotations on their meta-level" HasEntityType
Feature "Formredlink for AnnotationObject if not exist" HasEntityType
Feature "Index and show Google-Drive-hosted diagrams annotated by a SMW page of type 'Diagram'" HasEntityType
Feature "Indexing file system directories" HasEntityType
Feature "Mail to wiki" HasEntityType
Feature "Nested Facet Maps" HasEntityType
Feature "Resource Entitization" HasEntityType
Feature "Search and retrieve" HasEntityType
Feature "Search result highlighting" HasEntityType
Feature "searchResult-specific actions" HasEntityType
From E-Mail account to Datastore by HasEntityType
From End user to File by Editor UI HasEntityType