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HasEntityType::Concept[edit source]

Page Properties
Concept "_analyze"

Concept "_source"

Concept "Asymmetric Anaylsis"


Concept "Capture meaning with synonyms"

Concept "Controlled, faceted, multilateral, asynchronous, bidirectional synchronisation of multiple SMWs (CFMABS)"

Concept "Document Text Analysis"


Concept "Full text queries > match_phrase (aka proximity)"

Concept "Inheriting annotations if not customized by Indexer"

Concept "Join: has_child and has_parent queries"

Concept "Keyword datatype"

Concept "Knowledge Topics/Subjects/Bites"

Concept "Manage Domain Terms"

Concept "Modeling specificity"

Concept "Parent-Child Relationship"

Concept "Reification"

Concept "Simple Analyzer"

Concept "Standard Analyzer"

Concept "Text datatype"

Concept "full_text/match_phrase_prefix"

Concept "full_text/query_string"