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Requires Ruby[edit | edit source]

CanBeInstalled Yes[edit | edit source]

Locally[edit | edit source]

# [email protected]:~$
  git clone [email protected]:dataspects/dataspects.git
  cd dataspects/
  gem build dataspects.gemspec
  gem install dataspects-<version>.gem

Dockerized[edit | edit source]

docker run -it --rm --name <CHOOSE_ANY_CONTAINER_NAME> --volume "<PATH_TO_RUBY_FILES>":/dataspects --workdir /dataspects dataspects/dataspects:<VERSION> ruby <RUBY_FILE>

CanBeDeveloped Yes[edit | edit source]

[email protected]:~/dataspects$ bundle install

Release management[edit | edit source]

How to create a new release[edit | edit source]

CanBeTested Yes[edit | edit source]

Step 1: Setup "dataspectsSystem"[edit | edit source]

Step 2: Expose Docker container ports in docker-compose.yml[edit | edit source]

  • elasticsearch: 9200
  • kibana: 5601
  • tika: 9998

Step 3[edit | edit source]

# [email protected]:~/dataspects$
  git pull
  bundle install