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Warning: Display title "From Repository to Datastore by https://github.com/dataspects/dsrepository-cli" overrides earlier display title "AAAA-Ingestion "From repository by dataspects/dsrepository-cli"".

Data fed[edit | edit source]

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Configure the datastore:

<ID>      automatic
<Label>   Shown in information sources list on https://ui.dataspects.com/search
<API Key> automatic
<Regex>   Only file names matching this regex will be fed to the datastore (Regex Tester - Golang)

Configure the feeder:

user@workstation:/yourrepo$ ./dsrepository-cli \
                              --id  <ID>      # From https://ui.dataspects.com/datastores/repositories/code\
                              --url https://datastore.dataspects.com/repositories/code \
                              --key <API Key> # From https://ui.dataspects.com/datastores/repositories/code

Subsequent pipeline[edit | edit source]

Items fed to the datastore will be fed on to an Indexer.

Currently the CodeIndexer doesn't index the actual file but scans it for (?i)error *(\d{4}:\d{2})(.*), creates an ErrorCode entity named \d{4}:\d{2} with an annotation "OccursInFile".